2023 Alcohol Delivery Trends for Restaurant Owners

2023 Alcohol Delivery Trends for Restaurant Owners

Alcohol Delivery is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years – it’s time you learn how to capture this growing demand for to-go cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Check out what spiked drinks are trending in 2023 and how you can quench your diners’ thirst.

The pandemic kickstarted changes in local regulations to allow restaurants to incorporate alcohol delivery into their delivery strategy. Over 17 states and districts have decided to allow restaurants to sell to-go cocktails permanently, and customers love the ability to order to-go cocktails, beer and wine from their favorite restaurants on Grubhub.

Find out more about the benefits of offering alcohol delivery as part of your business model and see which cocktails seem to hit the spot best for thirsty diners eager for an effortless at-home happy hour.

The benefits of offering alcohol delivery or to-go cocktails

Curious whether it’s worth it to add alcohol to your delivery and to-go menus?

While it does take an up-front investment of both time and money to reconfigure your day-to-day operations and ensure your new alcohol offerings adhere to guidelines, Grubhub data shows a clear payoff.

Adding alcohol to your delivery menu on Grubhub can increase the average order value by a whopping $14-$15.

Think about that in terms of daily or weekly revenue; If you deliver 100 orders a day, you stand to see an average overall increase of $1400-$1500 per day and $9800-$10500 per week.

Of course, alcohol delivery on Grubhub is not available everywhere.

It’s important to do your research before you commit to a menu change or start collaborating with a local mixologist on cocktail ideas. If you’re a current Grubhub restaurant partner, please check with your Account Advisor to find out if you can offer alcohol.

To learn more about how you can add alcohol to your Grubhub menu, check out our guide to Grubhub alcohol delivery.

What were the top alcohol delivery and cocktail-to-go items ordered on Grubhub in 2022?

Grubhub’s #2022Delivered showed an uptick in alcohol orders, with a handful of cocktails seeing a meteoric rise in popularity.

Check out Grubhub's 2022 Delivered
  1. Beer

Whether it’s paired with a juicy burger or helps wash down game day wings, Grubhub diners’ go-to alcoholic drink is an ice cold beer. Beer is an easy addition to any alcohol delivery menu. Its pre-canned packaging means that you can offer a wide array of ales and lagers without a lot of prep work.

  1. margaritas

Frozen, on ice, with salt or without, margaritas continue to be a hugely popular drink that’s perfect for washing down that spicy carne asada on Taco Tuesday.

Keep delivery constraints in mind while you finalize your menu – frozen margaritas are harder to prepare and deliver without seeing a dip in quality. Also, too many flavor options could complicate things for your bartenders.

  1. Hot Sake

This hot Japanese drink has taken beverage delivery by storm. Hot sake, also known as ‘Kanzake,’ is a warm alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It comes in a wide variety of flavors and is known for having a higher alcohol content than wine. You can serve Sake pre-bottled and give diners quick instructions on how they can heat it up so they can perfect their at-home happy hour.

  1. Piña Colada

Cream of coconut, pineapple juice and rum can turn any cloudy day into a trip to the tropics. You can serve it blended or shaken with ice, and garnish it with a pineapple wedge, maraschino cherries, or both. Check out tips on how to make sure your Pina Coladas can stay fresh on the road. No matter how you prepare it, diners are going bananas for this fruity classic.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a fruity, light white wine that pairs perfectly with a soft cheese or a smoked salmon. Adding sealed bottles of wine to your delivery menu can help you easily take liquids on the road. Think about offering white wine pairings with your dinner entrees so your diners know exactly what bottle washes down their meal best.

Hello, 2023: Alcohol delivery and cocktail trend predictions for the year ahead

Half the battle when creating an alcohol delivery menu is deciding which cocktails to include. On the one hand, you want to appeal to various tastes; on the other hand, a streamlined menu with few items helps reduce buyer confusion and makes it easier for your staff to execute orders on time.

Getting to know what cocktail trends you should watch in 2023 could help you create a menu that hits all the right notes without going overboard. The result? More sales and less stress!

Bold and bubbly

If there’s one thing taking 2023 by storm it’s bold flavors. Diners are craving online ingredients both in their food and drink. Spicy cocktails are rising in popularity, combining the fiery sting of alcohols like tequila with the hot taste of chili peppers. Customers are turning toward bitter tastes as well, sipping on espresso martinis and Manhattans.

Bold flavor cravings have encouraged customers to embrace high-end spirits. Diners are willing to spend more for premium ingredients, especially if those ingredients break the norm. Don’t be afraid to offer a few higher-end cocktails and bottles of bubbles on your beverage menu for those who are looking for something bold and fancy to sip on.

Growing interest in low-ABV and alcohol-free beverages

The alcohol-free spirit movement is chugging right along, with “mocktails” getting more creative. You can buy infused faux alcohols to make mixed drinks, or rely on herbs and fruits to create fancy beverages that feel special without imparting an alcohol-based buzz. Mocktails can make your fancy drinks appeal to customers of all ages.

Global flavors are landing on drink menus

Diner’s don’t need to travel to Japan to enjoy the popular hot Sake, or fly south for a tasty Mexican beer. Global flavors are on the rise in the US as customers crave worldwide ingredients. Some of the most popular alcoholic drinks hail from all across the globe, and customers appreciate when they are paired with global ingredients. Try adding popular global drinks like Sangria, Negroni or Irish coffee to your beverage menu.

Hard seltzer are essential to any menu

Hard seltzers have continued to be an unstoppable addition to the beverage sector. Their undeniable popularity makes them a widespread winner because they tick many boxes.

They’re a lighter drink that appeals to people who might not love the taste of alcohol, they’re typically lower in calories than sugar-laden bottled cocktails and they’re nice to drink on a hot summer day.

Customers gravitate toward local spirits

Like local food, local spirits are getting a lot of support from people who want the money they spend to funnel back into their own community. As people strive to support small businesses, customers seek menu offerings that include liquor from local distilleries, breweries and winners.

Tequila (still) increasing in popularity

Margaritas are the number one drink of choice for Grubhub customers, but now their love for tequila is spreading. Try out some other accessible tequila cocktails like a Paloma grapefruit or experiment with the smokier, more complex aroma and taste of mezcal.

Grow your bottom line in the new year with Grubhub beverage delivery

According to BeverageDaily, alcohol e-commerce is expected to grow by 66% between 2020 and 2025. Much of that growth can be attributed to rising alcohol sales through online platforms like Grubhub Marketplace.

The first step to adding alcohol delivery to your business is to sign up with Grubhub for Restaurants. We have all the tips and tricks to help optimize your restaurant for beverage delivery so that your delicious concoctions make it to satisfied customers.

As a Grubhub restaurant partner, you’ll have a dedicated Account Advisor who can let you know if your market allows alcohol sales. If so, your Advisor will help you add alcohol to your account successfully so you can get up and running quickly.