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Issho Izakaya | Japanese Izakaya in Marina Bay

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Issho Izakaya | Japanese Izakaya in Marina Bay

issho izakaya should be a fairly familiar name for those who love their Japanese food. Having 2 established outlets at Great World City and Singpost Centre, issho izakaya opens its third outlet at One Fullerton, with alfresco sitting, normal indoor sitting and private dining rooms with the same extensive menu that it offers at its other outlets.

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We started off with their Salmon Salad ($19.90) and Hotate Carpaccio from their Zensai selection. The salmon salad is paired with a carrot dressing – light and unique, different from the usual sesame dressing.
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The Hotate Carpaccio ($22.90) is a great starter option with slices of creamy swirls topped with seaweed and tobiko on a bed of onions and a slightly sweet sauce.
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The Sashimi Moriawase ($44 for 15pcs) was the most theatrical dish with smoke billowing and the chef’s pick of fresh slices of fish arranged nicely on top of a “boat”. This seems to be a go-to for those who prefer to leave it to the chef instead of deciding the particular sashimi.
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We also tried some of their sushi options – Otoro, Akami, Aburi Salmon and Salmon. Similar to the sashimi moriawase, sushi sets are also available if you want to have something fuss-free.
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Their makimonos are popular with the younger crowd, in particular the dragon maki ($19.80) and aburi salmon & cream cheese maki ($19.80). The former is artfully plated to resemble a dragon.
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Those who love Kushiyaki can watch the live action of their kushiyaki being grilled. During my visit to the new outlet at One Fullerton, I tried different kushiyakis from my usual orders at the Great World City outlet that I frequent. We had the Wagyu, Ebi Mentai, Hotate Mentai, Salmon Belly Cheese and Buta Bara (ie pork belly). Amongst these, I like the Hotate Mentai and Wagyu. Although the wagyu looks unassuming, the meat is rather fatty so it’s best to order in moderation and you can always add on once you’re done!
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Other cooked dishes that we tried include the Kaki Okonomiyaki ($15.80) and Hotate Cheese Yaki ($15.80). We were told that these are popular options with families as these are good for sharing.
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To wrap things up, we had the Warabi Mochi ($7.80) and Matcha Lava Cake with Ice-Cream ($13.50).
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The latter is on the sweeter side perhaps to cater to kids.

issho Izakaya also offers sake pairing with its food and they are offering a promotion for their draft sake at $50 for two 120ml glasses – the draft sake is light, hence easy to drink and can pair with sweet, savory and spicy food alike.

Budget per person: $35 to $45 per person

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